Barrett Tech — the company behind Burt®

Passionate. Creative. Driven. The Barrett team is motivated by the people we serve.  We all love the challenge of growing a business and developing new technology. Most importantly, ask a Barrett employee why work on this product at this company at this time in healthcare, “it matters”, you'll hear. Our family members and friends have struggled with motor impairments and disability. We believe our products will assist clinicians and patients with new possibilities, more repetitions, and better engagement

An idea worth pursuing

Barrett has operated at the intersection of people and robots for 30 years. With MIT roots, Fortune 100 companies, NASA, and leading university robotics programs among our customers and collaborators, Barrett turned to solving new challenges. In the course of collaborating with Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab (formerly RIC), and Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital on robotics and rehabilitation research, Burt® was born. 

Our mission

Deliver great products that help clinicians and patients achieve their goals. Make rehabilitation technology more accessible and widespread so more patients can benefit. Listen and involve our customers in designing new solutions for better outcomes.